Book Presentation In The Events Of Puerto Vallarta's 104th Anniversary

juan manuelThe municipal government, through the Instituto Vallartense de Cultura, will make history prevail within the framework of the celebration of the 104th and 54th anniversaries of Puerto Vallarta as a municipality and as a city, with the event-presentation of the book Ensayos y Crónicas Vallartenses, authored by the city's chronicler, Juan Manuel Gómez Encarnación; to be held on Friday, May 27, at 6 p.m., in the inner courtyard of the Municipal Palace.

Four cultural personalities will be commenting on the book during the presentation; namely:

Maestra María Eugenia Márquez Sánchez, writer and poet from Zacatecas; outstanding promoter of oral children's storytelling and President of the United Festivals Organization (International Association of Directors of Oral Storytelling Festivals).

María Karina Macías Aguirre, writer, journalist, poet and intellectual from Vallarta.

Dr. in Education, Felipe de Jesús Arreola Sedano; historian, artistic creator, promoter and disseminator of culture, important pillar of the Association of Municipal Chroniclers of the State of Jalisco. Currently Chronist and Director of Culture of Guachinango, Jalisco; as well as Technical Supervisor of the State School Zone No. 69, which includes the municipalities of Atenguillo, Guachinango and Mixtlán, Jalisco.

Dr. in Education, Rubén Zatarain Menchaca, professor, researcher, author of several educational publications; currently school supervisor of middle school education of the federal branch, in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.