Dias de Rumba in Full Swing!

International Dining
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Get Ready to Live the Experience of a Latin Fiesta!

In the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta

Recently the restaurant Dias de Rumba opened its doors to the public in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta, the partners and brothers Arturo and Daniel Díaz, decided to open a restaurant that was familiar and a concept of Latin music canteen with a twist different from the rest places that already exist in the area, "the school of Cuba" is the band responsible for the setting formed by Cuban singers and dancers.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes with seafood from the region such as special taco, jalapeño pepper stuffed with marlin and capeado cheese and shrimp pieces with original house sauce and a gourmet touch.

The dishes to be tasted are a mixture of Vallarta flavors with foreign culture such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and the Dominican Republic. The shrimp, marlin and fish burrito is something very traditional in the region and with a Cuban touch, as well as the cocktails prepared like the traditional mojito, the mojito with strawberry and mango that you will love.

 For people to know a little more about Cuban culture, free dance classes are taught from Wednesday to Sunday and every day from 7 to 8 at night. For your convenience the place has 800 meters of land and a large parking lot.
Entertainmen coming soon is a show of Latin rhythms that will be presented with professional dancers and colorful costumes, as well as a performance show with fire of approximately 40 minutes.

The businessman and producer Arturo Diaz, decided not to make changes to the place since he wishes to preserve the nature that exists in the area, and as a native of Vallarta, he chose an area with palm trees and outdoor vegetation for people to enjoy the place.

We invite you to know this new option in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, which we are sure will fascinate you.

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