Haivii Turi 3

Cajón de Peñas, Xeneques , Cajón de Peñas

  • Building Icon Lot
  • Area Icon 2206 m2
  • Room Icon
  • Baths Icon
  • Garage Icon No
  • Number Icon MDV #48606
$250,000 USD

Haivii Türi in Nahuatl language, means the place where clouds are born.

Located adjacent to Arroyo del Sombrio, a mystical stream running through blue rocks, this small subdivision has an atmosphere like no other, due to its formation of clouds, creating a dream like setting, ideal for the cleansing of the lungs.

Always cool, situated on a mountain foothill with approx 1,200 feet above sea level. This is the only section with lots adjacent to the stream at Xeneques.


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