Marlin And Sailfish Fishing Tournament Starts In Vallarta

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This Thursday morning the starting flag for the competitions in the bay.

The 65th International Marlin and Sailfish Fishing Tournament of Puerto Vallarta began this Thursday with the participation of 40 teams that went out early in the morning to fish. The registered members of the 40 fishing teams that went out to fish from 7:00 a.m. this day will be looking to catch the best specimens in the participating categories. In the morning, after the honors to the flag in the esplanade in front of the Rosita Hotel, the starting signal was given to the participating boats. The Viking's team, who have been participating for more than 7 years and come from Quebec, Canada, stood out. They commented to the tournament organizers that they love participating in this international event and are very enthusiastic about the hospitality of the people of Puerto Vallarta. This is how the Puerto Vallarta Fishing Club promotes and participates in the economic recovery of the city.

This morning at seven o'clock, the 40 boats went out to sea in the Bay of Banderas, who during the day will be competing for first place. As every year, professional fishermen attend this great event, participating locals, as well as Canadians and Americans, who are betting on the first place. This type of event leaves a good economic income, but at the same time it is a way to have fun and enjoy the competition. Usually at this time there are large specimens, so there is always someone who arrives at the end with a fish of great weight, reason for which there is a lot of excitement among the audience that attends to observe the tournament thus resulting very attractive 4th the foreign tourist that visits Puerto Vallarta