Soon the Streets Will Be Full of 4x4 Vehicles.

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Puerto Vallarta is once again the ideal place for this 4-wheel adventure.

This weekend hundreds of drivers will be arriving in all terrain vehicles and motorcycles from Guadalajara and its Metropolitan Zone and other cities of the Bajio to Puerto Vallarta, which will definitely be a great experience for these fans of this extreme adventure sport. On the other hand, it will represent an economic benefit for the hotel sector and Puerto Vallarta. The drivers of this type of all-terrain vehicles are part of the famous Vallartazo, a rally in which tourists from different parts of the country participate, including North Americans and Canadians who enjoy touring the Sierra and the mountains that lead to Puerto Vallarta. These all terrain vehicles in which they participate can cost from 250,000 to more than half a million pesos, depending on the brands and equipment. This is tourism of high economic power, which will represent an economic spill in different sectors such as hotels, restaurants and bars mainly. It is possible that they will start arriving as of tomorrow Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

They are very notorious since they usually arrive together and in large groups; there will be extreme vigilance on the part of the authorities at the main accesses to Puerto Vallarta. The participants of this rally called "Vallartazo" take place every year at this time and to tell the truth, it is quite a show besides attracting the attention of tourists and locals with the noise of the engines that will not go unnoticed before the eyes of tourists and residents. They will be given facilities in the circulation, however, there is no excessive tolerance for them and were subject to all the rules that all drivers in the city, they must respect the traffic regulations, especially not to exceed the speed limit and under no circumstances drive under the influence of alcohol, said the director of tourism Ramon Gonzalez Lomeli