The Sports and Cultural Week of the Elderly Begins

General Activities
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The Sports and Cultural Week of the Elderly has opened with an event involving around 300 athletes, representing all the seniors clubs of the municipality, through the System for Integral Family Development (DIF).

As part of the Worldwide Day of the Senior to be held on August 28, the social service agency that presides Magaly Fregoso Ortiz, carried out the traditional sports and cultural week that seeks to keep company and promote respect for the elderly.

The day began with the opening ceremony and the lighting of the Olympic flame in the forecourt of the Agustín Flores Contreras Sports Complex, where 82 seniors enrolled in the disciplines of walking and running for 100, 200 and 400 meters at the local track. On the first day of activities there were delivered 42 gold, 37 silver and 30 bronze medals.

It included the participation of the escort and the Naval Zone War band and the Eighth Military Zone respectively, so that in the end, Mr. Florencio Camarena of the Beautiful Memories Club of las Juntas, headed the route with the Olympic torch.

The president of DIF Vallarta, Magaly Fregoso Ortiz in her message to the participants and their respective cheerleaders, said that the institution is working hard to expand partnerships with the private sector with the aim that the municipality seniors receive more and more benefits, such as the rounding of small change at the OXXO chain, where currently the proceeds go to the Day House of the Elderly of Puerto Vallarta.

"To me you are the engine of the DIF, I thank you for coming to enjoy this week that is important for the clubs, certainly you give us an example with this strength to succeed, which gives us vitality and joy. We hope that it turns out to be a week full of companionship, holiday spirit and sport for you all", said Fregoso Ortiz, who in turn thanked the captain Miguel Pascual Guadarrama, representative of the commander of the Eighth Naval District and the Colonel Juan Osuna González representing the 41st Military District, for their support at the event.

In the sports and cultural week there will also be guitar and singing contests, which involve 98 adults. It will take place at the auditorium Juan Luis Cifuentes Lemus of the University Center of the Coast, starting Wednesday, which will highlight the participation of the distinguished senior the Year for his charitable work and his desire to collaborate with peers. This time the award was for the teacher María de los Ángeles Benavides, who won second place at the regional level.

The activities will conclude with the event called "Cana al Aire", dinner organized by the municipal authorities in honor of the elderly.

They were also accompanied by Miguel Soto, deputy director of programs and Karina Crisosto, coordinator of the senior clubs, as well as by fifth grade students of the elementary school Club de Leones of the Lázaro Cárdenas colony.

[readon1 url="http://notivallarta.com/2013/08/27/inicia-semana-deportiva-y-cultural-del-adulto-mayor/"]Source: NotiVallarta Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]

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