There Was a Great Finale Between Competitors

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showcase horsesEquestrian Circuit and Equine Therapy

Creating awareness about the importance of attending to children with psychological and autism problems.

Recently competitions were held with riders in the equestrian club of the sea, where the excellent participation of riders and horses was observed in two different routes.

The final was very close with several draws, which were defined in the second competition, the horses responded very well with incredible jumps without knocking down bars, some with zero fouls.

It is said that the sport of horsemanship had its beginnings a long time ago, since horses were a weapon during wartime and had to jump several fixed obstacles and ravines and since then they are used for horse riding.

The horses that were used for the equestrian circuit are examples of different races, German and purebred trained especially for the competitions, which is why there was much excitement during the grand final.

To achieve great jumps it is important that there is a connection between the rider and the horse, thus achieving a perfect balance with great success.

Therefore Carlos Flores, winner of the first place, won the battle placing himself as the best in his category of the Riviera-Nayarit Equestrian Circuit, in the race held at the Club Hípico del Mar.

At the end of the competition the award ceremony was held, where recognition and trophies were awarded to the first five places, the first place was for the rider who achieved the best performance, the shortest time and the cleanest track, being the first place Carlos Flores with the horse Don Lorenzo, with 0 offenses; 2nd. Place for Ingrid Montes Kotse with the horse Brunello, and 4 fouls; and 3rd. Place Ava Cawrse with the horse Doc and 4 faults.

Mauricio Aragón Arienzo, director of the Equestrian Club of the Sea, mentioned that the riding school that is held in the place is to teach the children to ride horses and with time and training they are gradually taking all the evolution of the development of the jump , however, are years of training.

The club is located in Puerto Vallarta in the region of Boca de Tomates, to make this sport it is important to take into account the faculties of the rider and the training of the horse, without forgetting that it is important that there is a connection between the horse and the rider.

Equine Therapy

It is thought to handle equine therapy classes, since interacting with an animal, such as the horse, helps children with physical mental deficiencies such as autism, and it is necessary that there is a binomial relationship between the horse and the child, which is achieved with a discipline

Through equinotherapy children begin to develop another type of interaction they live in their world and do not socialize, the horse will allow the child to open certain channels and can better develop their situation to improve their standard of living.

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