Skydivers Achieve Perfect Jump In Vallarta

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The tourists toured the bay and landed near Holly Beach.

Yesterday afternoon, foreign tourists performed one of the most intrepid activities in the bay, the extreme sport; sky dive, "out with all the adrenaline", They were being directed and instructed by expert instructors who were responsible for explaining in detail the instructions to be followed, so that the jumps that took place this Sunday were carried out with great success achieving a perfect landing. This sport that many people want to do, but only the daring ones manage to do it, took place yesterday in the bay, before the eyes of tourists who were enjoying the sea and the beach that Puerto Vallarta offers, in an area close to Holly Beach. It is worth mentioning that this team of professionals has high technology equipment that provides safety to the person who performs this sport, since the suit has a computer that will indicate the ideal time and distance for a perfect and error-free landing on land, thus assuring the life of the tourist in this case or person interested in practicing Sky dive.

Christian, a qualified instructor of Fly Sky Dive, commented to Vallarta Today, about the security that is handled when making the jump, so that in case the tourist or person would forget any indication while up, they are prepared to protect the tourist, since the equipment has high technology to detect any event that would occur for the safety of the person, as if the person forgets to open the parachute by distraction, the computer will do it automatically at a perfect altitude and time, so we realize that it is a serious and responsible company; We also noticed the great experience of the instructors. The tourists were very satisfied with this experience and programmed another day to enjoy the heights, since they enjoyed observing Puerto Vallarta from a distance of approximately 2 kilometers and were able to capture spectacular views. They shared some of them with us, it is a sport that few dare to do but now it will be possible for many to achieve their dream of enjoying, seeing and having fun with guaranteed safety, undoubtedly a great adventure.

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