Whale Watching: Up To 20 Whales Spotted In One Day

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Bahia de Banderas guarantees the observation of these impressive marine cetaceans in abundant numbers this time of the year.

We went on board the Vallarta By Boat tour to watch whales in Banderas Bay, which turned out to be very interesting since we noticed that this year has been the best for the observation of these impressive marine creatures. And due to it being the season whales come have their calves in the bay, we noticed many mothers with their babies teaching them to breathe out of the water, and to give tails and jump out of the surface, which was quite a show for the tourists of all different nationalities aboard the boat who’ve never seen whales before. And of course, the crew could not miss the restrictive and sanitary measures against Covid-19.

Before leaving the API terminal facilities, we went through a series of measures such as temperature check, application of antibacterial gel, and wearing masks among other filters to be able to enter the sea. Fortunately that day we were lucky because we were able to see during the tour about 20 whales in different directions, most of them with their calves, which we know were recently born in this region. The whales travel from the northern United States and Canada to have their babies here in the bay, since the water temperature is ideal for their birth. Another couple facts would be that the whales breathe through lungs, so at birth they must learn to breathe out of the water, and they reach an average of 14 to 16 meters. And these marine mammal cetaceans are observed in season, from December to March, because of the low ocean temperatures because of the phenomenon of La Niña.

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