Steps Leading To Typical Food In Vallarta

Casual Dining
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An Encounter with Traditional Gastronomy

When we travel, enjoying typical food and walking are two essential elements to carry out if we wish to delve deeper into the culinary culture of the tourist destination we are visiting. Vallarta is no exception.

Therefore, it is a true delight to explore its streets, discovering those areas that gather a variety of succulent and traditional culinary alternatives. Crafted in family-owned businesses, with unique recipes and flavors, some even passed down from generation to generation, and often accompanied by special stories.

Certainly, the heart of Vallarta is filled with options, and other areas have also joined in.

How about trying delicious tacos in their various varieties, presentations, and salsas? It's a traditional Mexican feast. Or the birria, a dish with a taste of Jalisco. Whether in typical taquerías, street stalls, or restaurants, these are experiences that leave tourists and residents' guests with a very pleasant taste in their mouths. And for those who enjoy drinking, there's beer. Or perhaps both, food and drink.

This is just a taste of what the gastronomic tours offered by Vallarta Eats Food Tours can provide. They have been pioneers and have remained in operation for the past twelve years. They contribute to telling the story, preserving traditions, and supporting the economy of small independent businesses and family-owned establishments with culinary roots that delight and satisfy.

Whether it's morning or evening, a guide will lead you through the streets and nooks of Vallarta to enjoy a range of options from the roots of its typical gastronomy.
Flavors, textures, and aromas are part of the alchemy that a traditional dish expresses, leaving lasting memories in the mind and soul.