Five Of My Favorite Vallarta Restaurants

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Here"s a list of five of my favorite restaurants here in PV:


The first one is Barcelona Tapas. Barcelona Tapas is a classic tapas restaurant in Cinco de Deciembre. The food is always the best, the staff are very well trained and even though we go once or twice a year, they remember our names and what we like. From the two top floors there is an amazing view of the bay and the rest of the city, especially at sunset! It is my favorite place to go for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.  Barcelona has installed a new elevator which makes it much more accessible.


The second is La Vaca Argentina. La Vaca Argentina is a nice restaurant for nice occasions. The food is very good, and the steak is the best you will find in PV, with a good selection of wine.   Enjoy the nice cold AC in the summertime!  The staff is very polite and efficient. La Vaca Argentina is located in the hotel zone on the corner of Fluvial and Highway 200.  There is also a nice kid’s club where you get an hour free when you eat at one of the restaurants in the complex.


The third is Joe Jack’s Fish Shack. Joe Jack’s Fish Shack is a good place to go to get many types of seafood, but they also have amazing burgers. It is downtown very close to the beach on Basillo Badillo. Try Joe Jack’s on a Friday for All You Can Eat Fish and Chips!  Joe Jack’s has recently remodeled and added on to their restaurant.


The fourth is los Muertos Brewery, which is an amazing pizza place and brewery. They make about 7 different beers, the lightest is the Mexican Rubia and the darkest is the McSanchez. Los Muertos has some of the best pizza in PV and thier other foods such as the chicken wings, burgers and salads are very good as well. They have two locations, one downtown and they are currently expanding to a larger Francisco Villa location.


The fifth is Mar y Tierra. Mar y Tierra is my favorite taco stand in PV. They have many types of tacos and quesadillas, like birria (imagine a pot roast taco), fried fish tacos, and others. They are located on the corner of Highway 200 and Francia in the hotel zone. They started out as a small stand but over the years have grown, and now they have covered seating at tables, where there is always a nice breeze.


Written by Kaitlyn Merino, of Exclusive Realtors