Meper Donaz, Would You Like A Donut?

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Do you like donuts? Well, even if you think that you don’t you have to try Meper Donaz. Many donuts are sickeningly sweet, and un-edible, but these donuts are different. The taste is light and lovely, and the cause is even better.




The donut business, Meper Donaz, is owned by Benjamin Ramirez Santiago and Zesar Asihel Ramirez Santiago. I met the two brothers at the Magic Market and Festival, and after talking to them I realised how interesting their story was and that it was more than worth writing about.


Benji and Zesar both were born and currently live in Puerto Vallarta with their family. And, as you know, here in PV people are losing jobs and schools are being shut down as online schools are taking over. The only computer their family had was old and broke down, and the boys really needed to each have a computer for them to complete their schoolwork. They wanted to buy computers but this was very difficult for their family. The boys searched for jobs, but found very few available and those jobs paid very little. Their grandfather knew how to make donuts, and their mother suggested that the boys ask him to teach them and to then try selling donuts. Also it was something they could do amidst their study schedule while not interfering with it.




And so the boys did just that, and in early October started their own business, Meper Donaz. Zesar came up with the name, a pun for me perdonas, or, forgive me. “You can give a donut to apologize for something,” they say. The z at the end is for Zesar. They offer a variety of 8 flavors; plain, coffee, mazapan, chocolate, chocolate coconut, chocolate walnut, plain with vanilla custard filling, glazed with vanilla custard filling. And, for orders of 6 or more, they will deliver to your home in the Puerto Vallarta area and Valle Dorado. You can order from their Facebook page and even pay with paypal. Their prices are 1-11 donuts $20 pesos each, 12-35 $18 pesos each, 36-49 $16 pesos each, and 50 or more $15 pesos each. Every purchase helps these boys and their families. You can also find them on Thursday evenings at Magic Market in Puerto Magico, Puerto Vallarta’s new cruise ship terminal.



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