How To Make The Mango Aquachile

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Aguachile is a very popular dish in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico in general. Because of its fresh flavor it is preferred in the tropical areas of the country. Today I will tell you about the origin of Aguachile and how to make one of my personal favorites, Aquachile De Mango.

This dish is believed to originate from the communities of the interior region of Sinaloa around the 16th century. It's mixed salt with collected chilies (chiltepín is the chile that the indigenous people collected) and water from the eleven rivers that connected the hills with the lagoons in the area, where the main ingredients were water(Agua) and chili (Chile), making a pre-Hispanic sauce known to be abundant in seafood.

In the twentieth century, shrimp began to be added to this mixture since Sinaloa is one of the main shrimp producers in the country. Currently there are many types of aguachile, with different types of chili peppers and mixtures of different ingredients. So, today I will share with you the recipe that I like the most, the Aguachile de Mango, Aquachile made from mango.

aguachile mango

Ingredients for a portion of 2 people:

  • 500 gr of shrimp
  • - The juice of 23 lemons
  • - A mango in pieces
  • - A diced mango (to decorate)
  • - 50 gr of cucumber diced or sliced ​​(to decorate)
  • - Red onion in slices.
  • - Avocado in slices.
  • - Pepper and salt.
  • - 1 habanero chili (If you like spicy then 2 )
  • - 1 serrano pepper
  • - 1 serrano pepper cut into slices to decorate.

The first step is to open each one of the super clean shrimp (remember to buy them only with your trusted seafood supplier, since eating raw food always represents a risk) in the shape of a butterfly and remove the black vein that it has in the middle. Now mariante the shrimps in half of the lemon juice for 15 minutes and set aside. You will later serve them later.
In the blender, put the mango in pieces, the other half of the lemon juice, the habanero, the serrano peppers, pepper and salt to taste, and blend. After the shrimp have marinated in the lemon, place them on a plate along with the the diced mango, onion and avocado slices, mango sauce, sliced ​​serrano pepper to decorate, and cucumber to decorate. Enjoy your Aguachile!


Written By: Maya Hurtado - Lifestyle Marketer and Real Estate Agent

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