Hola Arepas At The Magic Market And Festival

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Growing up in a restaurant family in Caracas, Jean Franconero was a natural in his family kitchen where from childhood he prepared arepas and meals for his younger siblings. It was this experience that secured a foundation for his love of cooking.

Always hungry to know more, it was as a young man his father bestowed upon him knowledge of regional dishes and culture from the Asturias region in Spain. This was his ancestral heritage and it sparked his curiosity for the finer things of wine, tobacco and coffee.

With an ever growing passion for cooking it was in 2003 that he arrived in Puerto Vallarta where he met his wife and business partner Lucia. He landed a position at the restaurant Xitomates, a five star restaurant. It was there that a new love for Mexican gastronomic art was born. Then at another restaurant he gained experience working as a tapas chef and then working as part of a team at Dolce Vista. But like all artists, Jean Franconero and Lucia dreamed of having their own restaurant.

It was August 2017 while on the beach the couple envisioned their life’s work together, a restaurant all their own and one that would conquer the palates of Vallartans and tourists alike. The dream Hola Arepas was born with its fusion menu of Caribbean, Mediterranean, Mexican and vegan offerings. Since that time Hello Arepas continues to provide private chef services in homes and businesses as well as home delivery of their regular menu. Always working toward the goal of their own location they are now available at The Puerto Mágico Market on Thursday and Sunday in addition to their regular delivery hours 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm Tuesday through Sunday.