Salty Harvest Flavored Salts At The Magic Market

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This week's Magic Market and Festival was, once again, amazing. We had the same interesting performances as last time and had The Gecko Band play classical American Rock N Rol until 10 PM.

As usual there were many stands with food and crafts, and many samples. As I was wandering in the middle of the market I saw out of the corner of my eye popcorn samples, and I thought “Ooh, yum! Popcorn!” But as I turned around to get a sample I realized that they weren’t selling popcorn, so I looked around to see what they sold. The answer was salt, and I was interested, since I didn’t think something as simple as sea salt would be sold at Magic Market.


The stand is called Salty Harvest, and they sell different flavored salts ranging from Cacao to Rose to Chile Gaujillo. It is run by a family of three, Fabian, Stephanie, and their 5-year-old daughter Mariana. The family originally came from Costa Rica and didn’t move here to Puerto Vallarta until a year ago on February 17th of 2019, Fabian’s birthday. Other than Fabian's father, who is Mexican, the rest of their family is Costa Rican. For 10+ years their family has worked as hoteliers, but they also have backgrounds in finance, sales, beverage, and food. Stephanie in fact has graduated from hotel management. But, still in every business food was involved and the family has always appreciated flavors and tasting different flavors and foods. That is why Fabian started messing around with flavored salts, to try different flavors.




To Fabian and his family salt is the most important element in the kitchen, and it brings life to food. So, Fabian and his wife wanted to start creating flavors of the most useful ingredient to give even further life to a dish all with 1 ingredient. During the pandemic in March of 2020 Fabian and his wife initiated a company for flavored salts, and started selling their salts to the public in August 2020, even though they weren’t nearly done producing their products. In fact, they didn’t even have a name picked out yet. They had 7 possible names they were experimenting with but “Salty Harvest” sounded the best to them and people started to know the product as that, so they kept it.




Salty Harvest has grown as a company in the past 2 months of being open to the public. They have created new flavors and are now selling salt shakers as well. Salty Harvest just started a couple months ago, and they’re scared people won’t like their product or that they’ll fail like most beginning entrepreneurs, but they are a good company selling a good product. I bet most people enjoy their salt, because I know I do for sure and I appreciate how they can make salt sweet like cinnamon sugar. And I agree, salt is the most essential ingredient in cooking, and flavored salt is 1 essential ingredient that gives the flavor of multiple. 


Fabian and Stephanie have many different flavors and I’m sure there is one perfect for every dish. So, next time you go to Magic Market I recommend stopping by Salty Harvest and picking up any delicious salt perfect for you. Salty Harvest as a company is a perfect mix of cooking, discovering flavors, quality, customer service, sales, creating relationships, supporting the local economy, and much more, just as their salts are perfect blends of flavors.



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