Mexico Just Made a Cloud That Rains Tequila, So Maybe We’ll Be OK After All

Bars and Beers
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As part of a tasty new tourism campaign, ad agency Lapiz just made Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs a reality.

But instead of soup and juice, this futuristic cloud rains something altogether more buzzy tequila.

Lapiz, a unit of Leo Burnett, used ultrasonic humidifiers to vibrate tequila at a frequency that actually turned it into visible mist. This mist was then condensed into liquid form, which fell as raindrops. All of this happened as a special exhibit in Berlin, Germany, during the rainiest month of the year—to promote Mexico as a vacation destination.

In an added twist, Lapiz programmed the cloud to rain only when it rained in Berlin, which the agency says was frequently during the time of the exhibit.

Check out a film of the installation here

Clearly what’s missing here is scale, though it would have taken a hell of a lot of tequila to shower all of, say, Potsdamer Platz with booze. That would require unusual permits, too, surely. But one day!

Client: Mexico Tourism Board
Creative Agency: Lapiz
Production Company: Two Bit Circus
Sound: Earhole Studios
PR Agency: MSL Group

Lapiz USA
Executive Creative Director: Luciana Cani
Creative Director: Lizette Morazzani
Head of Art: Flavio Pina
Associate Creative Director: Felipe Leite
Sr. Designer: Juan Carlos Montes
Copywriter: Ana Karina Da Silva
Art Director: Freddy Agostini
Editor: Rodrigo Cantalejo
Strategy Director: Felipe Cabrera
Strategist: Jaime Mougan
Executive Producer: Aldo Gagliardi
Producer: Juale Chavez
Account Director: Ernesto Adduci
Account Supervisor: Daniela Barceló
Account Supervisor: Maria Bonet
Assistant Account Executive: Marie Abboud
Collaboration & Process Director: Julie Ptasinski

Two Bit Circus
Engineer: Chris Weisbart
Engineer: Robb Godshaw

Executive Producer: Derek Goldsmith
Colorist: Jeff Altman

Videographer: Robin Lockmann

Source: Adweek