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weddingfrontModern Bride Magazine ranks Mexico in the TOP 5 most desireable marriage location away from home, and Puerto Vallarta has the Best of Mexico!

There are numerous rules and regulations that need to be fullfilled to get married in Puerto Vallarta, but it's EASY when you hire a professional wedding planner to take care of the details...who will also save you headaches AND money in the process! Getting Hitched? Do it in Vallarta, and make your wedding day PERFECT!


ONE: The primary reason, of course, is that Puerto Vallarta is so darn ROMANTIC. Imagine you and your betrothed on a sandy beach or rock cliff overlooking the sun setting into the ocean, a mariachi band serenading you, surrounded by your closest family and friends. The pictures and memories of your Puerto Vallarta wedding will be cherished forever!

TWO: It can actually be a lot CHEAPER to get married in Puerto Vallarta, when you consider that your wedding party is likely to be much smaller than a state-side wedding. It may sound cynical, but many a bride and groom have worried over having to invite shirt-tail relatives and friends, including the ones they don’t really feel like inviting but do so out of a sense of obligation. When you announce you are getting married a thousand miles away, requiring attendees to spring for an airline ticket and hotel, you will drastically reduce the number of meaningful participants in your wedding to your closest family and friends. Even if you offer to help ‘subsidize’ the travel expenses of those you absolutely want with you, you’re likely to come out ahead and be much more relaxed at this special time in your life than if you have to worry about 100+ guests.

THREE: Can you say “Instant Honeymoon”? After all, you’re already starting your life together in paradise…the trip to your Puerto Vallarta honeymoon is non-existent - you’re already there! You can spend your first couple of nights as a married couple in the luxury suite of your hotel where your close family and friends are staying, or simply get away to another resort for a couple days for some quality “us-time” alone.

A Mexican civil marriage is automatically valid in the U.S.A. Note however that while the paperwork requirements in Mexico are relatively simple, they can vary from state to state, and can change. (Remember, depending on where in Vallarta your wedding ceremony is performed, it could be in either Jalisco or Nayarit State.) It is therefore advisable to retain the services of a professional wedding planner who knows all the “ins and outs” of the wedding process. Your investment will MORE than be paid back in monetary savings and reduced stress and hassles. Not only can your wedding planner take care of the legalities, they are indispensible in handling details of site selection, hotel accommodations, arrangements for food and music, and even scheduling hairdressers and make-up for the bridal party.

There are actually two types of weddings available in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico in general. The civil marriage ceremony is the legal means to change your status from ‘single’ to ‘married’. Most Mexicans also partake in a religious ceremony, which signifies their marriage commitment religiously, but does not actually change their legal status. Some foreign couples choose this as the basis of their “wedding party” in front of their friends and family, and then simply visit their justice of the peace upon return to the U.S.A. to take care of the legalities. Of course, you can choose to have both types of wedding here in Puerto Vallarta.

Getting Married in Puerto Vallarta is an incredibly romantic and fun way to start your marriage, and a professional wedding planner will make it easy! contact  Weddings by Monique  for the best service in Puerto Vallarta

Source: Vallarta Source