Bus Terminal Expects To Surpass 30,000 Passengers.

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National Grand Tourism for Puerto Vallarta.

During the second holiday week in Puerto Vallarta, more than 12,000 travelers have been registered. It is expected that by the end of the Easter week, last year's record of 28,000 passengers will have been exceeded. The Director of the Bus Terminal assured that the figure of 30,000 passengers will be reached, or even surpassed, by the end of this weekend, making Puerto Vallarta 2024 the year with the most visits during Easter vacations.

The Puerto Vallarta Terminal, led by General Manager Carlos Murguía Cibrian, has projected an ambitious tourism triumph for Puerto Vallarta with the collaboration of municipal, state, and federal tourism authorities. A teamwork that yields good results for all those who depend on tourism in Puerto Vallarta and for visitors who travel by bus.

On the part of security authorities, they have proposed doubling the number of personnel guarding the terminal facilities to prevent robberies and disturbances that could inconvenience travelers. And to address bus delays, the terminal has recommended to different bus lines to increase their units so that during this holiday period, travelers don't have to wait more than an hour to catch the bus. Likewise, the accessible use of different digital booking methods is being promoted so that travelers arrive just a few minutes before boarding and stop waiting so much, thus improving the travel experience.

"We forecasted that in 2023, there were 28,000 visitors, with an approximate 10% increase for this 2024 we are going to have or exceed the figure of 30,000 visitors to this Puerto Vallarta Terminal," commented the Terminal Manager.

Holy Thursday was the day with the highest influx for the Terminal, with over 3,500 travelers using the services to reach Puerto Vallarta, the "Pata Salada" land, although Sunday was the day when all those travelers returned to their places of origin to make room for new visitors.