The Strike At Nacional Monte De Piedad Puerto Vallarta Continues.

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Since February 15, this labor dispute has remained unresolved.

In Puerto Vallarta, there are 3 branches of Nacional Monte de Piedad, which is an institution that provides loan services in exchange for pawning an item, jewelry, or device. On this occasion, starting from February 15, the 3 branches of Nacional Monte de Piedad are on strike, demanding better wages and benefits as unionized workers. The conflict will continue as authorities have not reached a signed agreement, primarily because the guild has not voted to end the protest. A few days ago, an agreement was signed that benefits both the employee and the institution, but it must be voted on, for which there is still no date.

People who have pawned one or more items should not worry because the same workers guard the stores and protect the valuables. Regarding payments, there is no need to worry either, as the dates have been postponed, so customers should just be patient as efforts are made to ensure they are not affected in any way.
For those who inquire at the branches, they are informed that they can make their payments through the institution's applications, at OXXO stores, or at Citibanamex. Once the strike is lifted, they can approach to retrieve their pawned items.

As for the day they are expected to return to work, it could depend on the terms set by the Federal Center for Conciliation and Labor Registration, as they will assign the date for the vote. After the vote, there is a period, a time for them to issue the certificate. If it turns out favorable, the strike will be immediately lifted.

For the time being, a workers' camp guards the different Nacional Monte de Piedad stores in Puerto Vallarta, and hopefully, the labor problems will be resolved soon, allowing for the smooth functioning and balance of Mexico's most famous pawn shops.