Short-Cut Highway Guadalajara-Puerto Vallarta Opens.

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Enhanced Facilities for Land Tourism.

Since July 2022, the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, promised that before the end of his six-year term, he would have completed the Short-cut Highway Guadalajara-Puerto Vallarta. Construction of this road began in 2021 with a total investment of 8.7 billion pesos, and to complete the highway, an additional 9.215 billion pesos were spent, totaling 17.9162 billion pesos.

Finally, on Wednesday, March 27, the Compostela - El Capomo section of the new Guadalajara - Puerto Vallarta Highway was opened, leaving behind the curves of Federal Highway 200, which is a very dangerous road. The new section was opened discreetly as we are in the middle of the Electoral Ban for federal government protocol acts, so only the starting signal was given from kilometer 53.

Through the Las Truchas Bridge, the highway connects Compostela with the town of El Capomo, amidst the Sierra de Vallejo, in just 20 minutes before joining the El Capomo Branch, towards Cruz de Hunacaxtle.

In total, approximately 45 minutes will be reduced from the travel time from Compostela to Bahía de Banderas thanks to this highway. The Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transportation had already informed that there would be no toll booth, so the cost of the trip will not change; it will still cost the same, approximately $1066 from Guadalajara. The highway features 4 bridges and 5 tunnels.

Thanks to this new land route, one can travel from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara in just 3 hours, while to Tepic, it will be just 1 hour and a half. Additionally, this supports travelers opting to come to Puerto Vallarta solely to experience the distance and travel time and thus enjoy the delights of Vallarta.