Failures At Puerto Vallarta Airport.

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Some flights were delayed due to the failures.

Last Friday, various flights at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport were affected. Around 18 flights, 10 departures, and 8 arrivals were impacted by these delays due to malfunctions in the air navigation systems. However, they were restored a few hours later.

A flight can be very long and full of unforeseen events; the aircraft navigation system is the electronic system responsible for providing the pilot with all the flight information so that they can focus on piloting. The navigation system is a key element in the course of a flight.

From space, GPS satellites transmit signals received and identified by GPS receivers; these, in turn, provide their separate three-dimensional coordinates of latitude, longitude, and altitude, as well as precise local time.

Air navigation is defined as "the process of determining the geographical position and maintaining the desired direction of an aircraft in relation to the surface of the earth." There are three types of navigation: dead reckoning navigation, visual navigation, and electronic navigation.

The failures at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport occurred around 3 pm, and through social media, the failures were reported, and patience was requested to restore the systematic order of the navigation system. As of today, there has been no recurrence of another failure. But tolerance is recommended for the different failures that are beyond the control of the Airport.