First Cacao (cocoa) Festival In Puerto Vallarta Y Bahía De Banderas Starts February 23rd

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Mayan elders just arrived in Puerto Vallarta for the the first ever Cacao Festival in the Bahía de Banderas!

The first ever Cacao Festival in Puerto Vallarta y Bahía de Banderas will be a space for social and cultural exchange celebrating the Ancestral cacao bean and beautiful medicine that originated here in Mexico and has a strong connection to Puerto Vallarta and the Bahia. The festival is a collaboration between the Ecstatic Cacao Project and Terra Noble, taking place at Terra Noble beginning at 3pm on Friday, February 23rd. Some Mayan elders arrived in Puerto Vallarta on Thursday, February 22nd and they are among the list of distinguished special guests who will be sharing ceremonies and workshops at the festival.

The organizers of the festival want to help the diverse community in Puerto Vallarta to learn more about the ancestral traditions and wisdom of Mexico, to help foreigners to connect to local culture and to help locals to deepen their relationship to their pre-hispanic raíces. They also want to help support people who make artesanal products related to cacao, bringing together as many communities who work with cacao as possible.

The three day festival is packed with amazing talks, workshops and activities relating to cacao as well as an awesome market of artesanal products. The first day is free to attend and there will be a closing ceremony on Sunday that is available for loving donations. Full pricing information is available at the bottom of the article. Camping is also available for just $100 pesos.

The full schedule is below and more information can be found on Terra Noble’s website:

FRIDAY, February 23
Planting of the Mayan altar.
The altar represents the universe, the cosmos, our body, the community and humanity.

Welcome talk by Laura Aguilar.

Welcome from the elders, drinking of Cacao and Word Circle, Intentions.

The Mayan worldview and cacao.
For our Mayan ancestors, cacao is considered a sacred seed, which allows us to connect with the highest feelings of human beings, such as love. A seed of origin, a gift from the Gods to humanity. For ancient peoples food, culture, tradition, family, medicine, community.

7pm - Mexican Dance

7:30pm - Community Temazcal

Evening - Circle of songs around the fire.

SATURDAY, February 24
9:30am Welcome from the elders. The spirituality of cacao for the Mayan worldview.
“Talking about the spirituality of sacred cacao is talking about life and the way we, the Mayan people, understand the world. It is talking about the tiny and intrinsic relationship that exists between everything formed and created that exists and coexists in the cocoa plantation.” Grandfather Efrén Hernández Maldonado
Ignition of the Sacred Fire, purification of metates, stones, cocoa, gourds and other sacred instruments.

11am - Laura Aguilar talks. Cultural uses of cacao in the native peoples of Nayarit.
Cacao in the Mesoamerican northwest has been present since millennia, although little has been made visible. It has been kept as a ritualistic offering is kept, and this is how it remains alive among the Wixaricas, Coras, Mexicaneros and Tepehuanes.

11:30am Cacao production workshop.
Cacao Toast, derailing and grinding of cacao and preparation of paste and chocolate.

3pm - Talk Cristóbal Enrique Córdova. The economy and power in cacao.
The power relations in the cacao sector and the alternatives that allow the development of cutting-edge strategies where cacao is seen as food, identity, life and spirituality, because its sacredness and legacy have been disrupted.

4pm - Presentation of the projects and discussion between local producers and suppliers.

5:30pm - Sensory workshop.
We will explore the world of cacao through the senses (visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, gustatory, and proprioceptive) in a unique experiential journey.

7pm - Closing of the day with the grandparents.

Evening. 8 pm Ecstatic dance.
Dance and conscious movement

SUNDAY, February 25
9am - Elders’ talk, opening of the day.

10am - Workshop The 13 sacred drinks.
In this workshop we will prepare the drinks that have accompanied the Mayan people for centuries and are part of their culture and the relationship they have with cacao.

1pm - Workshop on preparing cacao-based personal care products.
Preparations of artisanal soaps and lipsticks made with cacao.

5pm - Traditional Mayan healing ceremony.
Community ceremony guided by grandparents Efrén and Edilberto with cocoa drinking.

7pm - Testimonials and closing.

950 MXN Saturday and Sunday.
550 MXN per day.

Day of the event:
1200 MXN Saturday and Sunday.
650 MXN per day.

FAMILY: 1400 MXN per couple
GROUPS: 1 Free entry every 5 people.


  • On Friday, February 23, admission will be FREE for everyone.
  • We will have a healing ceremony: this would be for a voluntary contribution.

More information:

RSVP: +52 984 8045266