Beggars Or Muggers Robbing Tourists In Downtown Vallarta

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Cases have occurred when people are alone and there is no one on the street.

Early Wednesday morning a man was assaulted by a mugger posing as a beggar at 5:40 a.m. on one of the downtown streets near the Malecon, this fact was reported to this media, unfortunately there was no police presence that could have stopped the assailant so he escaped. The reported robberies have been by assailants who pose as beggars to give pity and when the person approaches they attack them stealing their belongings, and even motorcycles, when the person realizes there is nothing to do, because although they have shouted I'VE BEEN ROBBED, HELP, HELP ME...the police do not appear so the criminals have gotten away with it, without anyone catching them. After the pandemic, criminals from other cities in the Republic have moved in, pretending to be beggars to make them feel sorry for themselves, but in reality they are thieves dressed as beggars, which means that they trick people who, when they approach them to give them alms, rob them at that moment. Several robberies have been reported to the police, in some cases they have appeared but it is too late, so the robbers have escaped.

It is important to mention that in recent months many homeless people who have settled here in Puerto Vallarta have been seen on the streets. They do not work and live by begging people, if people do not give them money they get upset and rob the person. There are already several robberies reported in the center of the city, their mode of operation is mainly at night or in the early morning, when a person goes alone and in a desolate street such as the streets behind the Malecon, where not many people circulate, but there have also been cases during the day, such as the assault on the motorcyclist who was robbed of his motorcycle.

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