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Last Sunday with its four crew members

The nautical community of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay united to start the search for the boat "Olé", which was lost last Sunday with its four crew members.
This Monday, the news gained more strength due to its diffusion in social networks and the request for help to find the whereabouts of the four crew members of the boat, of whom nothing is known.

The lost sailors are Gerardo Cornejo, Leobardo Ruiz, Othón Sánchez and Edgar Vega, who went out sailing last Sunday and of whom nothing is known, as none of them has returned home, which keeps their relatives and friends extremely worried, who spread all the available information to request the help of the authorities and the sailors.

In fact, this Monday it was informed that the Port Captaincy has already requested support for the location and search of the small boat called "Olé" with registration number 1802113414-5 that set sail last Sunday October 9th at 07:00 hours from the docks of Marina Vallarta with four people on board, who informed that they were heading to La Corbeteña, located 38 nautical miles from Puerto Vallarta, where, according to the fishermen, the corridor with the best fishing in the Bay of Banderas is located.

It is presumed that on the way the boat would have run out of propulsion system, being its last location 10 miles from Lo de Marcos and 12 miles from Careyeros, Nayarit.

The Jalisco State Civil Protection Unit has also joined the search for the boat and its four crew members, who have conducted searches inside the bay, since it is believed that given the qualities of the boat, it could not have left the bay.

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