Christmas Day Savior in Conchas Chinas

Around The Bay
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OliverWeickardt 1This is what a hero looks like after saving a life.

My family and I were fortunate to spend Christmas together with friends, among our guests Oliver Weickardt and Rocio Mendoza, but even more fortunate was the man that Oliver saved his life.

Last night, December 25th, from Villa Celeste in lower Chonchas Chinas, we heard the screams of a lady from the beach, begging for help because someone was drowning.

With incredible speed Oliver ran out to the beach. By the time we arrived, he was already swimming to get to where the young man was. The drowning swimmer had already been dragged behind the rocks in Playa Conchas Chinas. Even though it was already dark and the sea was choppy, without a thought for his own safety, what Oliver did was very risky.

We watched from the top of the rocks as we saw that Oliver was slowly taking the man out of the rocky area and towards the shore in spite of the strength of the waves.

While we were on the rocks watching the rescue, the waiters arrived at the restaurant La Playita and told us that the same day, last year, the same situation had occurred but unfortunately, noone was there in time to rescue the person, The sea returned his body 3 days later to another beach.

My 7-year-old granddaughter told Oliver yesterday: Thanks Oliver for saving a life !!!

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