Easter Week Operation Ends

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Authorities report 5 people drowned; one in Vallarta

This Sunday, April 24, was the official end of the Holy Week and Easter Vacation Operation 2022, implemented since April 8 in the state of Jalisco.

This included Puerto Vallarta and the northern coast of Jalisco, where one drowning was reported out of the five recorded throughout the vacation, in addition to seven rescues of people drowning at sea.

More than 300 officers from the Jalisco State Civil Protection and Firefighters Unit participated in the operation, who were deployed throughout Jalisco's territory, attentive to the different eventualities that occurred during these two weeks.

The services attended by the officers of Civil Protection Jalisco, were the following: 23 road crashes, 12 road overturns, 74 pre-hospital care, 45 mechanical support on the road and 7 water rescues.


During these two weeks, 11 deaths were recorded in different cases, of which 2 were people who died of possible heart attacks on the Pilgrim's Route.

Easter Week operation ends

Authorities report 5 people drowned; one in VallartaIn the sea, 1 person died of immersion in Puerto Vallarta, 1 more in Tapalpa, 1 in Lake Chapala and 2 more in the municipality of Mascota.

There were 4 more deaths due to road accidents in the municipalities of Tototlán, Villa Guerrero, Zapotlán del Rey and the municipality of Degollado.

As a preventive measure, more than 8,100 surveillance patrols were carried out, mainly on Jalisco's beaches and highways.

During this operation, the work of Aquatic Rescue officers Gerardo Rubio and Rafael Araiza was highlighted, who saved the life of an 82 year old woman who entered the sea at Cuastecomates beach and after having difficulty getting out, the officers managed to bring her out of cardiorespiratory arrest and she was taken to the municipality of Autlan for medical attention.