Hundreds Of Tourists Arrive At Vallarta Airport

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Foreign and domestic tourists arrived today in numerous flights

In spite of the events that took place this past Thursday, there were no effects on the suspension or arrival of passengers, and security in the port continues to be persistent, with the presence of authorities from the three levels of government.

Today the Puerto Vallarta airport received hundreds of flights coming from the United States, so the airport personnel experienced a day of intense work, receiving numerous flights, which undoubtedly benefited the airport cabs once again.

It is worth mentioning that at this moment Puerto Vallarta is in one of its best moments after the pandemic and it is notorious the change in the increase of passengers traveling by air, after the countries have removed the restrictions on flights, such as the use of the optional mask in some North American and European airlines, which has benefited the air sector, which was hit from the beginning by the pandemic.

The decreasing number of covid-19 cases, and the application of vaccines, which completes the scheme of the four doses applied in most countries, as well as the terminal phase of the coronavirus.

These factors have favored the high demand of travelers who like to travel by plane, as well as the vacation season we are living in these dates, which has favored Puerto Vallarta.

Today in the morning the city was congested with cars that arrived by road and congested avenues, this will be for the weekend that they remain in this port.