Puerto Vallarta Remains: 0 Cases of COVID-19

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Since December 2019, thousands of happy vacationers from all over the world have enjoyed the Magic of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Vallarta continues to remain free of Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Vallarta Today Publishers Note: We will continue to monitor all of our sources to update this article in real time.

Since the discovery of the corona virus, COVID-19 in the Far East in December 2019, many thousands of travelers from all over the world have come to visit our paradise on the coast of Mexico.  They arrived by air, by car and yes by sea on cruise lines.

With extensive past experience with another virus, swine flu (H1N1), the State of Jalisco health department, and the Mexico Government, Secretary of Health (SALUD) quickly implemented local swab collection for suspected cases in Vallarta and other areas, with diagnostic testing performed in Guadalajara and completed within 48 hours. Even though many tests were performed, we are happy to hear that Our Vallarta continues to remain at ZERO cases of corona virus.

Through our highways, terminals and ports we had thousands of possibilities of infection, including on February 15, 2020 a Princess Cruise that later was identified as having a passenger that was infected.

e have asked doctors and authorities why Vallarta has been spared by this corona virus even though thousands of potential carriers have come and gone. Some have said they do not know the answer, others have said it is possible that the virus cannot survive because of the ultraviolet rays, heat or humidity, and still others have said they diont know what the future holds. Yes we did hear a couple of "The sky is falling" answers, but for the most part the authorities were unsure of why Vallarta has been spared.  They all said continue to be careful so that Vallarta remains at Zero.

Needless to say, we are extremely grateful and ecstatic that our paradise has been spared from this pandemic.

If you plan to venture to or stay in Vallarta to escape the other places where this virus is overwhelming, please, please be careful that corona virus does not come to our paradise.

  • If your are symptomatic, please stay home and follow the 14 day self quarantine.
  • On you way here please practice social separattion
  • While here please wash, wash, wash your hands!
  • If you need to touch your face, use a tissue.
  • If for any reason you feel you are symptomatic while you are here, please visit a doctor so they can evaluate and diagnose your symptoms and recommend a swab test to be sent to Guadalaraja if necessary.

Here is an article written and published yesterday, March 15th, by MSN journalist, Scott Laird, with his personal experience. 

Mexico has a handful of cases of COVID-19, but when I arrived in Puerto Vallarta this morning, one couldn’t tell the difference.

Also from Mayor Arturo Davalos:

"GUADALAJARA, Jal., March 14, 2020.- The municipal government of Puerto Vallarta, through its official channels, recommends preventive measures to avoid possible spread of the new Covid-19 coronavirus. "We already on social networks since last week are giving recommendations precisely for hygiene care," said Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña, recommending that citizens wash their hands with soap and use antibacterial gel and face masks. "We are already inside the town hall, the instruction is that there must be antibacterial gel in all the offices," added Dávalos Peña, noting that this Friday orders were made to make purchases and quotes so that in the delegations, institutes and in all the dependencies of the City council has antibacterial gel. "For the people who are going to do some paperwork there, have soap in the bathrooms, so they are constantly cleaning and washing their hands," he added. They are actions and recommendations for all the people that through official social networks of the city council we are doing to the people so that they have knowledge and start working on taking care of our health, he pointed out.


Welcome to Vallarta!