Reality Show Recorded in Puerto Vallarta For Television Network

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Recently, a reality show was filmed in Plaza Península in Puerto Vallarta, which was part of the fifth edition of the well-known Fashion Factory which is broadcast by a famous television network in Guadalajara.

The young people who participated had the opportunity to model, act and sing. The winners could fulfill their dreams in different categories for which they participated in the field of modeling, fashion, acting, singing and dance. This program will be broadcasted on television and on social networks, especially at

One of the participants that attracted much attention was a young Frenchman, who came to visit our beautiful port to learn more about this great tourist destination.

He commented: "Puerto Vallarta is a very famous place in Europe, especially in France" he said this: "I was going through Plaza Peninsula, when I noticed that they were modeling young people and I approached them to ask what they were recording and they told me that it was for a reality TV show. That's how I decided to participate as a model in this fashion show.

The models posed in cars as well as participated in their show that took place in the lobby of the famous plaza, along with other young participants from Vallarta. In this way they had the opportunity to premiere different vehicles from the SUZUKI automotive line which took them to many wonderful places that this beautiful tourist destination offers.
SUZUKI was the sponsor for the transportation of the models that participated in the reality show. SUZUKI was in charge of moving them to different points of the city in its fascinating Vitara vehicles (with panoramic roof, luxury version), these models are part of the high range of their sport and compact cars of this renowned Brand.

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