Beware of Scam Using WhatsApp Messages

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Unknown number can be a reason for alert.

Most people use WhatsApp only among their contacts, but from time to time a message arrives from an unknown number and although it is possibly from someone who changed their number, it can also be a reason for alert. Criminals use social networks not only to carry out fraud in person, but also virtually. One such case may start with a simple message. "Hello, we are a network marketing alliance. Congratulations on receiving the invitation from our team. We have professionals who will guide you on how to start this job with a daily salary between 300-2000MXN. There are only 6 openings.

If you are interested in joining contact WhatsApp", says a message that has been identified as a possible fraud. If the person who receives the message presses the link or page to which they ask to communicate they may be a victim of the theft of their passwords, so it is very important that if you receive this message: 1. Do not go to the link they send to contact. 2. Do not respond to the message. 3. Report and block the number sending the message. This can be done very easily, just go to the contact information and go to the bottom, report and block. 4. In case you have opened the link in the message or fell for the scam, you can call or send a WhatsApp to +52 55 5533 5533 which is the number of the Citizen Council.

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