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Puerto Vallarta among tourists' favorites

Puerto Vallarta continues to be the destination with the highest number of national and foreign tourists, not only during vacation periods, but it also continues to receive tourism from different parts of the Republic as well as from abroad.

Foreign buses are constantly arriving, with new routes and frequencies, as well as by air or land. Hotel occupancy has been increasing since the holiday period and is still on the rise.

There have already been several long weekends that have brought more tourists who come to enjoy the beaches and the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta.

In addition to the tourism that uses the lodging platforms that rent houses or apartments and those who visit friends or relatives, which represents an economic spill.

In addition to the information modules offered to tourists in different beaches of the port, for any doubts tourists may have about places to visit.

This season also brought a greater number of tourists from different parts of Mexico and abroad, who participated in an important festival at the Arcos del Malecon.

It was like an exchange of cultures from different nations.

Those who participated in the Festival offered at the Malecon of Vallarta, as well as this tourism stayed for several days, and took the opportunity to get to know and explore places in the city.

It is worth mentioning that the number of tourists is on the rise, compared to the years before the pandemic, and continues to increase, which represents the interest of international travelers to this port.