High World Demand And Low Production Could Delay The Purchase of Vaccines for Jalisco

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Due to the high world demand for vaccines against Covid-19 and the low production of pharmaceutical companies, it is estimated that the purchase of the biological vaccine planned by individuals and the government of Jalisco will not take place until the end of the year, according to experts. 


Carlos Alonso Reynoso, academic and epidemiologist of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), pointed out that, although there are resources to acquire them, there is no availability of doses because most of them are committed. 

"It was believed that by September there would be availability for the purchase of doses by individuals, but it is not feasible that it will happen, according to the laboratories' production chain,” he said. Hector Raul Perez Gomez, also an epidemiologist at the UdeG added that the World Health Organization (WHO) foresees that in 2021 only 30% of the population on the planet will receive the vaccine.

 The federal government allowed individuals and states to acquire it, but in practice it is difficult due to the inability of pharmaceutical companies to produce it. However, it is also true that several vaccines are already finishing phase 3 trials and it is possible to produce more and more vaccines than those foreseen by WHO.

There is a possibility that they can be acquired, but not until the end of the year. The general rector of the UdeG, Ricardo Villanueva, emphasized that, although it is difficult and uncertain to acquire the biologicals, there is communication with business leaders and the state government, since the University would be willing to acquire up to 250,000 on its own.

 Perez Gomez concluded that, once the injections can be acquired privately, there must also be a lot of vigilance on the part of the authorities of the three levels of government to avoid fraud, overpricing, sale of false doses and even trafficking of vaccines.

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