How to Position Yourself As An Expert In Any Industry

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As I said in the last article, you have several ways of delivering your content, such as ebook, book, video series, course, private label rights, hiring a ghost writer, or affiliate marketing.

 An ebook or book are variations of the same process. That’s a traditional way of getting things done, but if you’re short on time, I don’t recommend it because it could take months or even years to complete.

Also, whatever you do, don’t write a textbook. That’s the hardest way to go. Instead, you want a book that’s easy to write and the easiest form of writing is a list book. i.e. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. This type of writing is the most effective because once you define the seven items, it becomes easy to write.

As for the process of writing, I recommend one of four approaches, get someone to interview you, dictate the book, hire a ghostwriter, or make use of PLR (Private Label Rights).

Interviewing or dictating the book are a fast way to go. You speak your content, get it transcribed, edited and you’re good to go. A ghostwriter is an option though that might take a lot of time and could be expensive, too. PLR is an inexpensive option and one worth looking at. You can take the content, edit it and use it for your own ends.

A video series is another option. You can even do it with an iphone. Many people upload their videos to YouTube or Vimeo. Other options are a Logitech 920C for your desktop and if you want a quality microphone, I recommend the iRig MIC HD.

Creating a course is another option. I have a system that allows you to create a course, quickly, and drip feed your content to customers. Drip feeding is the best way to go IMO, because it allows you charge a monthly fee for your content and will allows you to make consistent money over time. It’s also a good idea for people who cannot afford a lump sum fee (say $997) for a course. A monthly fee of, say, $47 is much more attractive and more affordable.

Affiliate marketing is another option, where you sell content belonging to someone else and make a commission when you do so. For some people, it’s the ultimate business model. A curve ball is where you create your own content, sell it, and also attract affiliates. This is an effective approach and can be quite profitable.

The Last Word About Books

Sometimes the best way to write a book is not to write one at all. In the next article, I’m going to show you the entire layout for a short book I wrote, which is all about positioning yourself as an expert in any industry.

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