Jalisco Obtains Second Place In Job Generation

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In September, 17,020 new sources of employment were created.

The work of the government of Jalisco, through the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO), to generate more sources of income for the people of Jalisco continues to yield good results and during the month of September the highest number of jobs created since 2000 for a ninth month of the year was achieved, with the creation of 17,020 new formal jobs.

The number of jobs created by companies in the state during this September places Jalisco in second place nationally, with Mexico City being the entity with the highest number of jobs created with 29,873 formal jobs and Nuevo Leon in third place with 13,243 new job openings.

At the national level, the number of jobs generated in this period is 172,492 formal jobs with a positive annual rate variation of 3.95%.

"These figures show the great economic activity that is being generated in the state, the coordination and cohesion between the private sector, academia and the government to continue generating jobs, attracting investment and above all, generating economic development for all Jalisco citizens," said the Secretary of Economic Development of Jalisco, Roberto Arechederra Pacheco.

The jobs generated in Jalisco during September are distributed as follows: 4,277 jobs in transformation industries; 3,870 in the agricultural sector; 3,395 in the services sector; 2,552 in the commerce sector; 2,440 in transportation and communications; 522 in the extractive industries and 41 jobs in the construction industry.

In the annual accumulated, Jalisco adds 77,648 new jobs, while at the national level there are 789,210 labor sources, which means that 10% of the jobs created in 2022 in the country have been generated in the state.

"We are very honored and grateful to the local, national and international business sector, which has placed its trust in Jalisco and has found in this generous land the conditions of trust, certainty, legality, attention and integrity to make their investments, 17, 020 women and men who today have the certainty of a job that allows them to have benefits, which today are part of this record number of job creation in the last 22 years in the state of Jalisco," said Xavier Orendáin De Obeso, Strategic General Coordinator of Growth and Economic Development.

He added: "We will continue working, pushing the agenda of integrity, regulatory improvement, the internationalization agenda and the agenda that allows Jalisco to continue being the locomotive of job creation at the national level."

In addition, 2022 is the second year with the highest cumulative employment generation as of September since records have been kept, with 2017 being the highest with 84,745 new jobs.

In the annual accumulated, the sector with the highest generation in Jalisco is the transformation industry with 29,214 jobs.

Since the beginning of the post-pandemic economic recovery, that is, in the last twenty-six months, Jalisco has added 185,012 formal jobs.