Tourists Sell Out Bars and Restaurants in Vallarta

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Thousands of tourists arrive by air from all over the world and sell out restaurants and bars in the city.

This weekend has been one of the busiest in Vallarta, after the pandemic, where high numbers of tourists from all over the world have been registered. Beaches, restaurants and bars of Puerto Vallarta were very crowded with tourists arriving this weekend by air to this city. This after being reflected in the arrivals of international flights to Puerto Vallarta's airport. The Malecon was one of the busiest places where more than 2000 people walked last night, exhausting downtown bars and restaurants, as well as the restaurants and bars of the Marina where many North Americans and Canadians were mainly noticed, as well as people from Guadalajara, Monterey and other parts of the Republic.

The hotels received hundreds of tourists who stayed this weekend, in addition to the tourism that arrived today to Puerto Vallarta, to the hotels of the Marina, which registered very good numbers. It is worth mentioning that this weekend the Puerto Vallarta airport received this Thursday, Friday and Saturday about 240 flights and tomorrow 48 flights will be arriving for a total of 288 flights coming from Los Angeles, California, Seattle, Washington, Denver, Dallas, San Francisco and Phoenix among other cities of the United States, besides the Canadian market that is already registering important numbers.

In addition to the national tourism that arrived by land, which generated traffic in downtown Puerto Vallarta, the Romantic Zone and Marina Vallarta.