Alfredo Barrera Baca Condemns Acts Against Journalists

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journalistfrontWhile leading the Commemorative Ceremony for Freedom of Speech Day,

Alfredo Barrera Baca, rector of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM), declared “the unrestricted solidarity of all college members with the men and women that fight for their freedom while defending our own.”

“I condemn every action, violent or non-violent, against these people. I’m saddened by the pain that these acts have caused to the family, friends and colleagues of the victims of such infamies,” expressed Barrera Baca at the Social and Political Sciences Department after placing a floral offering on the Monument for Freedom of Speech, sculpted by Ernesto Mallard.

Accompanied by Graciela Cruz Jiménez, representative of the group of journalists responsible for the monument and of the media, Barrera Baca said that “being rector of UAEM, a scholar and a man of this age, I’m sensitive to the conditions in which journalism is practiced today.”

He also assured that now’s the time for college students to contribute to the debate.

Barrera Baca claimed, in front of students, professors and investigators, that the common essence shared by journalists and college members lies in the search for truth, for which liberty and social compromise are vital.

Source:The News

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