Austerity Plan For Federal Deputies

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camarafronttThe Chamber of Deputies foresees austerity measures.

This would yield almost 130 million pesos ($ 6 million) by cancelling privileges for deputies such as: end of year bonus payments, cellphone services, gasoline coupons, and business class travel. The austerity plan — reached by the Board of Political Coordination of the chamber of Deputies — does not interfere with the deputies’ medical insurance or allowances.

Marko Cortés Mendoza, coordinator of the National Action Party (PAN) faction in the chamber, said these measures represent a first approach in reducing expenses and further measures are to be expected. Cortés stated PAN members brought forth an initiative to reduce unnecessary expenses up to 500 million pesos ($ 23.2 million), however, these initial measures are welcome.

Federal deputies receive a monthly attendance fee of 73,817 pesos ($ 3,600) , on top of the 45,785 pesos ($2,125) for legislative assessments and 28, 772 pesos ($1,300) for citizen assistance.

Source:The News 

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