Easter Week Vacation Operation Begins

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  • 300 operational officers in coordination with municipal and federal authorities will monitor the main highways and resorts in the state.

This weekend and until April 25, the 300 operational officers that make up the State Unit of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Jalisco, were deployed to the main road accesses as well as beach, mountain and religious tourist spots in our state, in order to ensure the safety of those who will take advantage of these days off.

For the operation, technological equipment and vehicles will also be hired, such as

  • 8 motor pumps
  • 9 urban rescue vehicles
  • 5 boats
  • 4 jet skis
  • 4 ATVs
  • 1 helicopter

It is worth mentioning that there will also be the support of State Government and Public Security aircrafts in case of need.

Victor Hugo Roldan Guerrero, General Director of the UEPCBJ exhorted the population that is thinking of going on vacation and will be traveling on the highways of our state, to take precautions, especially those who will be traveling on the highway to Colima.

"In any case, we consider that it is opportune that they inform themselves about the conditions of the highways through which they are going to travel, not only on the road to Colima, but also on all the highways in the state".

The head of Civil Protection Jalisco also emphasized that those who are going to drive should not do so tired and also emphasized not to overload the vehicles as this has been the cause of accidents with fatal outcomes.

"Do not overload the vehicles, remember that we have had countless accidents due to excess of passengers and cargo, consider the capacity of our vehicles".

The Government of Jalisco through the State Unit of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Jalisco, also asks those who visit the beaches of our state, to pay special attention to children especially when they enter bodies of water such as pools or sea, in the latter is asked to be very attentive to ocean currents, also cause of deaths in this period. Remember that in case of any emergency the number to dial is 911.WhatsApp Image 2022 04 09 at 3.34.26 PM