EPN Celebrates 196th Anniversary Of Mexican Flag Day

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epnflagfrontDuring the commemoration of the 196th anniversary of Mexico’s Flag Day, President Enrique Peña Nieto emphasized unity among Mexicans, not just regarding one singular person or government, but the values ​​of the Constitution, such as freedom, justice, democracy and equality.

During the evening, Peña Nieto was accompanied by the presidents of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, Pablo Escudero and Javier Bolaños, respectively; and the Secretaries of National Defense and Navy, Salvador Cienfuegos and Vidal Soberón, respectively.

Peña Nieto talked about the anguish of that Mexicans live abroad and called for national unity in a time when the nation and the commitment of each Mexican to the country are being tested.

“United we can overcome external challenges and find solutions to any problem,” he said.

 Source: The News

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