In Guadalajara Thousands Of Demonstrators Defend The INE

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The avenues were at maximum capacity.

The protest began this Sunday in Guadalajara against the reform of the INE of the reforms that the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is seeking to implement.

This was published by several media outlets, mainly El Informador.

The main avenues were full of demonstrators.

Waving paper Mexican flags in hand, and different signs with different slogans such as "INE is not touched" and "I defend INE", the attendees gathered in the vicinity of the Local Board of INE Jalisco, where a stage was also set up for different figures to share their positions.

The demonstrators said they were committed to the cause to prevent the country's democracy from being put at risk, as they pointed out that López Obrador only used the organization to reach power and now wants to stay in it, however, they said, it is necessary for the alternation to continue.

"INE is the arbiter, we cannot (let) a government, a party, hijack it, that is not acceptable. For consultations there are the doctors, to defend the vote we the citizens, who count the votes of our neighbors, thanks to INE gives us the organization", said for example Sergio Rubio.

The protest attendee added that he sees the risk that, if the President's proposals are passed, democracy will disappear and "Mexico will return to the simulations experienced in the 70's", for which reason INE should stay, at least for now, as it is.

Citizens from Guadalajara, who were in Puerto Vallarta this weekend, joined this Sunday's march to defend INE, and as the demonstration advanced along Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue, others joined in as a sign of solidarity.