It Is Recommended Not To Make Bonfires

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To avoid accidents

In order to coordinate the operations to be carried out in the state of Jalisco, this coming weekend on the occasion of the New Year's Eve celebrations. The corresponding authorities will start touring the area first thing on December 31 in order to avoid pyrotechnics, bonfires and gunshots.

Enrique Ibarra Pedroza, Secretary General of Government, emphasized the importance of taking into account the recommendations issued by the authorities in order to guarantee a smooth and peaceful season for everyone. He urged citizens not to have bonfires, not to use fireworks, not to burn agricultural land or vacant lots, to reduce the risks to people's health and to take into account the recommendations when going out on the road.

Attention will be provided to citizens during the celebrations in the metropolitan area of the state and in the interior of the municipalities.

It is important to note that there will be a lot of security in the state of Jalisco and its municipalities, and service will be provided to the community, so the authorities are calling on the public to take precautions and follow the security recommendations issued to maintain order and enjoy the activities that will be offered on the occasion of the New Year's Eve celebrations.

These activities will be coordinated by the authorities of the three levels of government.

In this sense, the Secretary of Security, Juan Bosco Pacheco, said that all security personnel are available and working to provide attention to the public during the festivities.