Mexico City Gov`t Makes Changes To Violence Against Women Law

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womenviolencefrontThe government of Mexico City has published several additions to the Women’s Right to a Life Free from Violence Act.

The act is intended to ensure a safe and free environment for women when using their political rights.

In a decree that will come into effect tomorrow, the Legislative Assembly redefined violence against women as any act of aggression exercised against a woman in the political or public sphere.

This definition covers actions that are intended to bias, condition, impede, restrain, suspend, undermine, obstruct, exclude or affect the recognition, access, enjoyment or exercise of a woman’s political-electoral rights, as well as access to the full exercise of powers inherent to her position or function in public power.

Pressuring, persecution, harassment, coercion, discrimination, threats or deprivation of liberty or life based on gender, are all considered aggressive acts that will fall foul of the new act.

Other additions for defining political aggression against women that will be punished are the publishing or revealing of personal, private or false information, or spreading images, information or opinions with biases based on gender stereotypes.

Last week, amendments governing the use of stereotypes in the media were made.

These changes are part of an effort to reduce inequality and discrimination against women.

 Source: The News