Pilgrim's Route Safe And Coordinated By The Government Of Jalisco

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Participants of the Pilgrim's Route will be armored on their journey from April 9 to 17

In order to provide safety, comfort and attention to the Pilgrim's Route attendees, the Government of the State of Jalisco, through the Ministry of Tourism, invested a total of 3'022,800 pesos and coordinated the joint cross-cutting work between the various government agencies and institutions before its busiest period, Holy Week, from April 9 to 17.
This Operativo Ruta del Peregrino 2022 is carried out in close coordination with the municipalities through which the traditional pilgrim route passes: Ameca, Atenguillo, Ayutla, Cuautla, Guachinango, Mascota, Mixtlán, San Sebastián del Oeste and Talpa de Allende.
For this edition, the Ministry of Tourism (Secturjal) installed 120 mobile restrooms at 19 points along the route; 8 hydration points and 24 trash containers, with an investment of 3'022,800 pesos.
In addition, it delivered to 9 municipalities a total of 40,000 flyers with the location of the shelters, state and municipal emergency telephone numbers, and recommendations for a good pilgrimage, to be distributed among the visitors.
For its part, the System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) Jalisco set up two assistance spaces called Temporary Shelters for the rest of the pilgrims, located in the municipalities of Atenguillo and Guachinango, which are 100% stocked with mattresses and blankets, in addition to strengthening the prevention of COVID-19 with the delivery of 10,000 sachets of antibacterial gel, paper and concentrated sanitizer to be diluted and cover the hygiene needs in the spaces.
It should be noted that first aid kits were previously provided to support the paramedic personnel of the different municipal medical services and civil protection agencies, in addition to two hospital beds per municipality to be installed in the assistance spaces, in case they are required by any pilgrim who presents health complications.
The Ministry of Health will attend and protect the population with damages and health risks in case of disasters associated with their passage through the route.
The objectives of this operation are: To provide medical and psychological care, establish disease prevention and control actions, identify epidemiological risks to prevent outbreaks, carry out actions in health promotion and risk communication, obtain timely and reliable information for decision making, and provide inter-institutional follow-up of care actions.
Therefore, 31 Health Units were activated along the route: 25 Health Centers and 6 referral Hospital Units for the care of pilgrims.

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