PRD Senator Fails To Disclose Miami Condo In Tax Statement

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prdfrontPresident of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) Party Alejandra Barrales stated on Tuesday that there is nothing illegal about her acquisition of a $990,000 condo in Miami which she claims is a product of her hard work and for which she will pay a mortgage for more than 30 years.

After television network Univisión reported that Barrales withheld the information in her recent net worth, wage and tax statements, the PRD leader said the property had already been disclosed two years ago in her statements when she acted as Senator and Mexico City Education Secretary.

“The statements are public and verifiable,” Barrales tweeted.

According to sources, Barrales purchased the property in 2015 and made a down payment of $693, 000 over the course of seven months. The two-bedroom, sea-view apartment is located in an up-scale area of Northern Miami.

Barrales said that the apartment was purchased through Maxba Development Inc., a company run and chaired by her and created solely for the purpose of acquiring the property.

During the interview with Univisión, Barrales called for “immediate counseling” from the Mexican Institute for Competitivity (IMCO) to answer any queries regarding the legal origin of the department.

Reactions from the Senate included the dismissal of an information leak within the chamber and an invitation to clear out the origin of this property.

Source: The News