Puerto Vallarta Ready for the Elections this July 1

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press conferenceThe elections will be carried out correctly and safely according to the electoral process. We must trust that the people of Mexico will make the best decision.


Jorge Villanueva president of the business association of Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas commented on the elections that the country is going through, which should not have concern that the electoral process is being handled in a correct way and it is necessary to understand that the parties are campaigning which is a natural process, but that we must trust that the people of Mexico will make the best determination, and as a businessman will be institutionally pending working together with the authority that is the chosen

As an entrepreneur, he expects the upcoming elections of July 1, the candidates elected at the municipal, state and national, are calling the great national reconciliation I highlight: we need to be together to take this country forward, we are already a global economy, I have the certainty that we will do very well as a tourist region, the indicators speak very well of the tourism, and in a few years we will have 60 million visitors. I affirm: Tourism will be generating the greatest source of employment for women and young people under thirty years of age. we have everything to have a great country¨

I also touch on the issue of social mobility, stating that Mexico will take the best decision and the most convenient to succeed as a nation; right away I talk about the subsidy and I declare that the subsidy will never bring down poverty, what brings down poverty is generating wealth, and that is what happens with the economic development of the country ended.