Roberto Sandoval commemorates anniversary of the battle of 5 de Mayo.

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This took place the swearing flag soldiers from military service in Class 1998 and anticipated, remiss and women volunteers in Nayarit was attended by 476 people participated.

Under the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, Governor Roberto Sandoval attended as a special guest at the event commemorating this important date that the victory of the Mexican army over French troops took place in the city of Puebla in 1862 is celebrated; The event was preceded by the Commander of the 13th. Leobardo Avalos Quezada military zone and the Commander of the 6th. Naval Zone, Ruben Bustos Jorge Espino.

In an interview, Roberto Sandoval stressed the importance of commemorating historical dates, "May 5th Battle of Puebla, for me is significant for the struggle of Mexicans, when we unite Mexicans we overcome adversity and this is a very important day for United Nations, a very important day for our armed forces today have very clear that Mexico is bigger than its problems, "he said.