Tutorial Work Focuses on Student Development and Further Education

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TutoringfrontTutoring is aimed at aiding the development and opportunities of a student, with the objective of changing their academic, professional and even personal life, said Political and Social Sciences Department professors at the Autonomous State University of Mexico (UAEM).

Beatriz Rosales Palmero, Anaid Pérez Monteagudo and Juan Carlos Ayala Perdomo emphasized that academic tutoring had extended its field of action to include students at the high school level, who it will continue to support throughout their school career.

In their work entitled “The Impact of Comprehensive Training in the Process of Academic Tutoring,” the experts emphasized that the role of tutors should be that of academic support, right up to helping students with the demands of later education in college.

In addition, they said tutoring helps with more specialized support of students suffering from emotional problems that negatively impact their well-being and university performance.

The professors said that academic tutoring must find a way to connect with emotional health and education in order to make students emotionally mature and able to address a variety of issues in the student community.

Students said that tutors should have some training in human development psychology to give them the skills to properly help students. They also requested lighted spaces within the university to carry out the tutoring.

Source: The News

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