War Toys Are Exchanged For Playful Toys

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The exchange took place at the Museo Trompo Mágico in Guadalajara.

As part of the culmination activities of the campaign "Play as an Instrument for a Culture of Peace", promoted by Congresswoman Rocio Aguilar Tejada, the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, led the exchange of war toys for playful ones at the Trompo Mágico Museum in Zapopan. There, he affirmed that the instruments used for the formation of children and young people from the bosom of their homes, schools or recreational spaces must be taken care of, favoring scenarios of harmony, peace and the rejection of violence. He recalled that it is urgent and necessary that society, from the bosom of the family, does its bit to put an end to problems such as domestic violence. "These are issues that have to be built in terms of strategy, attacking the causes of the problem, not just the consequences, they are not problems that can be solved with police, they are problems that can be solved by changing our way of understanding the world and the way we train the new generations," added Alfaro Ramirez.

Play, An Instrument Of Peace: Joanna Santillán Álvarez, president of the Jalisco Solidario Volunteering Council, affirmed that working with play as an instrument of peace and harmony is very important, because what parents give to their children is what children and young people will give back to society. Therefore, said the official, it is of great importance to promote the culture of peace through play in neighborhoods and public spaces, and above all, to monitor the use that children give to technological devices such as cell phones, tablets or any device that has access to the Internet. Rocío Aguilar Tejeda, the local deputy of District 11 of Guadalajara, promoter of this initiative, highlighted that in addition to the exchange of war toys for play toys, this campaign seeks to appoint children as ambassadors of peace. "I have a dream and I know that dreams come true, that we can go to the UN to promote play as a culture of peace and in this way, we can make war toys with their destruction", emphasized the legislator.