Captains Report That Whales Have Been Killed by Boats

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The report states that they have died on impact caused by the boats.

Biologist Astrid Frisch reports collisions where whales die on impact, being run over by boat captains who are not careful when driving; "we have also noticed an increase in whales with fresh wounds due to these collisions, especially in the coastal area", she said. Many boats have been observed in the coast of the sea, from the Ameca River to Punta de Mita, because currently there is a great amount of whales having their calves, where more than five births have been reported, where there are also reported damages to the whales, and even deaths due to collisions of the boats that unfortunately kill them upon impact.

The abuses of boats have caused this event, as they do not respect the rules and harass the whales and their calves. The season started on December 8, so many whales have been reported along the coast from Nayarit to Oaxaca. This year "we have seen more cases of both calves and dead babies", said the expert biologist. In the last days of December they reported an abandoned calf about to die, behind Marietas, it was in very bad conditions, so the mother abandoned it without being able to save its life. At this moment there is a high mortality of whales in Banderas Bay, so the authorities of Profepa and Semarnat will be on the alert to punish the culprits. There have also been reports of manta rays and turtles that have been run over by the high speeds of the boats that are not careful, so he assured that there will be a lot of vigilance at sea.

It is important that the community joins this cause, to stop whale deaths, as there are quite a few, so if a person observes a hit and run of this cetacean, report it to the naval authorities.