Crescent Moon At The End Of The Month

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May ends with a Crescent Moon

May is a month that had a Full Moon on May 5th and a New Moon on May 19th. It is said that the New Moon represents the revolution of life, a moment for the cycles of life to renew and for us to have a chance to start again. The Moon is a satellite that is always closely connected to the planet Earth. But this closeness to Earth brings its energetic influence to everything that contains water, such as the sea. Every time the sea experiences a Full Moon, the tides rise with greater force. Similarly, human beings are made up of 60% water, so we live influenced by the energetic power of the Moon.

We are approaching the "First Quarter" which will occur on May 27th at 9:24 am, and this signifies for all inhabitants of Earth the strengthening of human roots. The feeling that everything sown will grow with strength and solidity. Plants will grow abundantly, animals will become stronger, and human beings will consciously direct their creative energy.

This end of the month will be a favorable time to rebuild oneself, to become stronger, whether through nutrition, sports, or practicing one's talents. It is a good moment to strengthen bonds of friendship, affection, and kindness, and to direct energy with determination. There will be an opportunity to work on weaknesses, correct mistakes, make assertive decisions, and establish relationships with love to express authenticity in a dynamic of giving and receiving freely.